How Fedor Simic Thinks About Effective Marketing Using Benchmark Groups by Databox

On today's episode of "How Leaders Think" Kenny Lange sits down with Fedor Simic, Partnership Manager at Databox, for an insightful dialogue on the power of data-driven decision-making. In this comprehensive episode, they delve into the extensive integrations and custom options Databox offers, covering essential metrics for marketing, sales, and finance. Fedor shares how businesses can leverage performance metrics and insights gathered from surveys to compare strategies and make informed decisions. They discuss the importance of benchmarking, the value of Databox's partner program, and the security measures in place to protect data.

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00:00 Coming Up
04:56 Databox helps set and analyze performance goals.
09:04 Purpose driven organizations struggle to achieve performance.
12:51 Helping people have meaningful conversations without sales.
16:02 Partner program tailored to specific niches, data hub.
17:19 Selling services, data sources, and security measures.
21:45 Using data to inform strategy and success.
24:49 Filter data for relevant industry comparisons, contribute pave.
29:15 Use benchmark Explorer to view metrics easily.
33:59 Ask about seeing specific metric performance percentage.
37:41 Passionate about data, could talk forever.
40:30 Great account to follow, always shares insights.

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Creators and Guests

Kenny Lange
Kenny Lange
Jesus follower, husband, bio-dad to 3, adopted-dad to 2, foster-dad to 18+. @SystemandSoul Certified Coach. Dir. Ops @NCCTylerTX. Go @ChelseaFC
Fedor Simic
Fedor Simic
I come from a small town in Subotica, Serbia. I started at Databox in customer support and worked my way up to Partnership Manager in less than 2 years, where we are currently building out a huge partner program. Tennis and Gym are my hobbies, while in winter season I like to shred my snowboard.
How Fedor Simic Thinks About Effective Marketing Using Benchmark Groups by Databox
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