How Jason Kramer Thinks About Cultivating a Winning Marketing and Sales Partnership

In this compelling episode of "How Leaders Think," host Kenny Lange delves deep with guest Jason Kramer, the founder of Cultivize, into the intricacies of business strategy evaluation, the crucial role of CRM systems, and the art of nurturing leads. They tackle common challenges in adopting technology, the importance of collaboration between teams, and offer valuable insights into driving results through effective marketing. Plus, get a sneak peek into Jason's exclusive email delivery test offer. Tune in to learn from a leader who's forging paths in lead nurturing and technology utilization.

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Creators and Guests

Kenny Lange
Kenny Lange
Jesus follower, husband, bio-dad to 3, adopted-dad to 2, foster-dad to 18+. @SystemandSoul Certified Coach. Dir. Ops @NCCTylerTX. Go @ChelseaFC
Jason Kramer
Jason Kramer
Jason Kramer is the founder of Cultivize, a consulting firm that specializes in B2B lead nurturing strategies and technology. With 15 years of experience running a creative agency, Jason identified revenue gaps in marketing and sales funnels for distributors, service providers, marketing agencies and manufacturers. He launched Cultivize to provide customized solutions and empower businesses to connect prospect and customer data with marketing campaigns and sales team activities. When not strategizing in CRM, he enjoys family time with his wife, two kids, and two dogs in their lively New York home.
How Jason Kramer Thinks About Cultivating a Winning Marketing and Sales Partnership
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