S2:E6 | How Scott Ritzheimer Thinks About The Founder's Evolution

On this episode of How Leaders Think, I sit down with business coach Scott Ritzheimer to discuss the evolution of founders and CEOs.
 He cautions against the danger of over-applying advice and lessons from experienced individuals, emphasizing the importance of recognizing moments of transition and approaching them with intention.
 The conversation covers the progression of leadership roles in business and the importance of considering whether leadership advice is applicable to one's current situation.
 đźŽ§Tune in to learn how to be a self-aware leader and build a scalable company with the right people in the right seats at the right time.

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[00:01:20] "Importance of timing in business decision-making and contradicting advice."

[00:05:04] Leadership advice varies for different stages of business ownership and should be taken with caution, considering the context.

[00:07:58] Reading/listening to too much advice can lead to overapplying future lessons today, adding pressure. Leaders don't need to be all things, prioritize what's needed today for disproportionate ROI.

[00:09:58] Sports analogy: Skills that were essential on the field don't matter when coaching. The coach makes a spectacular catch, but there is a penalty. This is like how we sometimes rely on skills that are no longer relevant in our businesses.

[00:16:02] Leadership goes through stages: dissatisfied employee, startup entrepreneur, reluctant manager, building a team of leaders, and stepping into a visionary/coach role. System and Soul is a helpful structure for speeding up the process and removing trial and error. The growth of a leader also requires a change in mindset and a recognition of moving off the field to focus on coaching and vision.

[00:21:48] Leaders become disillusioned on the sidelines, need to lead full-time, and build a scalable company with an executive team.

[00:29:27] Different executives have different strengths. Visionaries and executives are not the same. Having too many visionaries can be detrimental. It's important to have the right people at the right time.

[00:31:43] Get control of your time, identify your stage as a founder or leader with The Founders Evolution ebook from Scalearchitects.com. Free assessments also available.

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Kenny Lange
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Scott Ritzheimer
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S2:E6 | How Scott Ritzheimer Thinks About The Founder's Evolution
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