S2:E13 | How Logan Lyles Thinks About The Evolution Of Marketing to Nearbound and the "Who Economy"

In this episode of "How Leaders Think," host Kenny Lange sits down with guest Logan Lyles from Teamwork.com to discuss the evolution of marketing. They dive into the concept of Nearbound marketing and the importance of defining your Ideal Client Profile (ICP). They explore the benefits of co-marketing and refining your business strategy, emphasizing the power of having a strong point of view. They also touch on building relationships with sales reps and the shift from the "how economy" to the "who economy." Overall, this episode offers valuable insights into the future of marketing and how to effectively reach and engage with your target audience.

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  1. Logan’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loganlyles/
  2. Agency Life Podcast: https://www.teamwork.com/agencylife/podcast/
  3. Nearbound Podcast: https://nearbound.com/podcasts 

[00:02:05] Evolution of marketing: journalism to content creation.
[00:05:32] Questioning the need for email blasts in modern times.
[00:07:21] Shift from "how economy" to "who economy" due to information overload, trust becomes key.
[00:10:08] HubSpot inbound 2020 canceled, became scripted video.
[00:15:35] Teamworkcom, a project management platform for agencies, invites visitors to demo its product with solution partners at their booth.
[00:16:24] Zenpilot, partner takeover time at booth.
[00:21:53] Improving marketing through partner collaborations and trust.
[00:24:13] Nearbound helps marketers bring disparate pieces together.
[00:27:41] Reveal and Nearbound.com improve B2B sales.
[00:33:11] Know your audience, define your ideal client.
[00:34:17] POV, strategic narrative, problem solving, marketing team
[00:39:25] Refine phase two; attract right people.
[00:41:30] Nearbound: Trust, faces, podcasts, small businesses, LinkedIn.
[00:44:09] Pressure to produce quality content is alleviated by a simple plan.
[00:47:24] Unbothered, grateful, helpful. Stay tuned for updates.

Creators and Guests

Kenny Lange
Kenny Lange
Jesus follower, husband, bio-dad to 3, adopted-dad to 2, foster-dad to 18+. @SystemandSoul Certified Coach. Dir. Ops @NCCTylerTX. Go @ChelseaFC
Logan Lyles
Logan Lyles
Activating Evangelists for B2B Brands | Christ Follower | Evangelism at Teamwork.com | Host of Marketing Together & Agency Life on Apple Podcasts
S2:E13 | How Logan Lyles Thinks About The Evolution Of Marketing to Nearbound and the "Who Economy"
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