S2:E11 | How Tom Richard Thinks About Building a Strong Team: Lessons from an Agency Founder's Journey

In this episode of "How Leaders Think," host Kenny Lange is joined by guest Tom Richard, a former corporate worker turned founder and CEO. Tom shares their journey of transitioning from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and the challenges they faced along the way. They discuss the importance of being outcome-focused, building a strong foundation for success, and the value of doing good work. Tom also emphasizes the role of consistency, authenticity, and service in effective leadership. Listeners gain valuable insights into the mindset of a founder and the key elements that contribute to their success.

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Tom’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomrichard/
Tom’s Website: https://unlimitedtechsolutions.com

[00:02:12] Too much focus on creative guruism. Do good work.
[00:04:43] Authenticity and serving others lead to success.
[00:07:49] Focus on customers, product, and team building.
[00:10:57] Money is part of a stable, peaceful life. Build on a foundation of service.
[00:15:52] Leadership is more than inspiration, it's service.
[00:20:24] Entrepreneurship: challenging, rewarding, different from expectations.
[00:24:09] Took responsibility, got help, no longer imprisoned.
[00:26:26] Take ownership, think beyond yourself and company.
[00:30:24] Book or hire? Cheaper to read.
[00:33:03] Success is measured by results, not knowledge.
[00:39:05] Why can't leaders focus on outcomes?
[00:41:30] Reinventing oneself: cycle of creating, maintaining, destroying.
[00:44:37] Agree with you, precious about my business.
[00:49:23] Be curious about yourself, observe and grow.

Creators and Guests

Kenny Lange
Kenny Lange
Jesus follower, husband, bio-dad to 3, adopted-dad to 2, foster-dad to 18+. @SystemandSoul Certified Coach. Dir. Ops @NCCTylerTX. Go @ChelseaFC
Tom Richard
Tom Richard
Founder/CEO of Unlimited Tech Solutions | HubSpot Diamond Partner pushing HubSpot to its innovative edge.
S2:E11 | How Tom Richard Thinks About Building a Strong Team: Lessons from an Agency Founder's Journey
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