S1:E5 | XO Conference 2020 Takeaways

The XO Conference is a marriage conference that has its keystone event on or around Valentine's Day every year. This year was full of great insights and encouragement and in this episode, I'll share a few key takeaways I found most valuable.
This year I found hope and insight from 4 different speakers and a few of their points. Below are the speakers, where you can find them, and the key points I discuss in this episode.

Michael Todd from Transformation Church (https://transformchurch.us)
  1. Trees aren't planted - seeds are.
  2. The place of death and the place of destiny look the same for a season
  3. Reference verse: Philippians 1:6
Robert Morris from Gateway Church (https://gatewaypeople.com)
  1. How do we become one?
    1. One flesh vs. one spirit
    2. You have to die to become one spirit
    3. The dominant person has to die first
Dan Lian from Newspring Church (https://newspring.cc)
  1. Jesus is still in the boat
  2. Jesus is still in control
  3. Jesus will act
  4. Reference verses: Mark 4:35-41
Dave and Ashley Willis from XO Marriage (https://xomarriage.com/naked-marriage-podcast)
  1. Shalom (or peace) means: breaking the authority of established chaos

Remember, we're better when we rise together!

Until next time... Keep Rising!

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Kenny Lange
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S1:E5 | XO Conference 2020 Takeaways
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