S1:E4 | Finding Your Path Forward with Geno Quiroz

My friend and colleague, Geno Quiroz, who is the founder and creative director of Monterey Premier, is on the show to talk about finding the opportunities to grow and moving forward wherever you may be. If you're looking to think clearly about your career progression, then you're going to love this episode!
Geno Quiroz has quickly become a go-to expert and household name in the world of WordPress for Divi designers and developers. His tutorial website regularly sees 5-figure traffic from people searching for help on their projects.

He also runs a web design and development agency called Monterey Premier where he helps direct clients and other agencies create beautiful websites that help grow businesses. But, he wasn't always in this business - he grew into it!

Listen as Geno shares the opportunities that were presented to him and how he found ways to make the most of each one.

Check out Monterey Premier: https://montereypremier.com

Check out Quiroz.co: https://quiroz.co

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Kenny Lange
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S1:E4 |  Finding Your Path Forward with Geno Quiroz
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