S1:E2 | Planning Center Co-founders Jeff Berg + Aaron Stewart

Planning Center co-founders, Jeff Berg and Aaron Stewart, talk about how they got started, why growing slowly kept them in business, and how they pivoted from 1 app to 7 apps.
Planning Center is a church management system (ChMS) that started out as a single app to help worship teams get and stayed organized and has now grown to 50,000 churches worldwide and 90 out of the largest 100 churches in the US.

Staying in business in the world of software - specifically SaaS (Software as a Service) - is a tough task. I believe it's especially difficult when churches are your clients because most are cash-strapped, and, unfortunately, they want a lot for a low budget.

Their story should inspire you to grow slowly, create a better culture, and work well with people for a long time.

Remember, we're better when we rise together!

Keep Rising!

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Kenny Lange
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S1:E2 | Planning Center Co-founders Jeff Berg + Aaron Stewart
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