How Adam Steck Thinks About the Blueprint of Strong Cultures

In this episode of "How Leaders Think," we dive deep into the mind of Chief Servant Officer Adam Steck from Southwest Steel Buildings. In this episode, Adam discusses merging Toyota lean concepts with transformative leadership development. Discover the impact of company culture, the essence of employee empowerment, and the significance of 'leading from the shop floor.' Learn why Southwest Steel values mindset over skill set and how they foster longevity and success amidst a challenging market. It's an insightful dialogue for anyone interested in pragmatic leadership. #LeadershipDevelopment #CompanyCulture #LeanManagement"

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00:00 Paul Acres' book simplifies lean business concepts.
04:57 Company's purpose is building people, spreading joy.
09:23 Understanding company needs to improve leadership development.
12:18 Pause, reflect, focus on purpose for growth.
17:14 Business success hinges on humility and respect.
18:08 Engage with frontline, lead lean, flatten organization.
24:08 Consistency and stamina in leadership development challenges.
25:32 Prioritizing commitment, but can lead to burnout.
31:06 Culture values mindset over skill set, upskilling.
35:02 Discover purpose, align with company, find focus.
36:59 Visit for company information. Connect via LinkedIn for updates.

Creators and Guests

Kenny Lange
Kenny Lange
Jesus follower, husband, bio-dad to 3, adopted-dad to 2, foster-dad to 18+. @SystemandSoul Certified Coach. Dir. Ops @NCCTylerTX. Go @ChelseaFC
Adam Steck
Adam Steck
Adam is the founder and Chief Servant Officer of Southwest Steel Buildings in Mineola Texas. College dropout, author of zero books, and has not been featured any national newspapers. But, Adam is a 20-year veteran of boots on the ground team building and business systems development. Adam has a passion for building people through leadership development, teaching practical lean concepts, and building authentic relationships! All these he does by walking out Southwest Purpose to Honor God, Build People and Spread Joy.
How Adam Steck Thinks About the Blueprint of Strong Cultures
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